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Building Blocks put new, useful spins on AutoText Even simple Word documents are likely to include reusable elements, such as page numbers and other header and footer material, cover and title pages, addresses, salutations, logos, and other graphics.. Microsoft Word's AutoText feature got a serious face-lift with the debut of Building Blocks in Word 2007 and 2010.

(The Microsoft Office Support site offers a basic primer on ) In a nutshell, you create AutoText entries by selecting the material you want to reuse and clicking Insert > AutoText > New (or simply press Alt-F3).. You then enter a name for the entry that's between 4 and 32 characters long and press Enter.. The Adobe Reader is the free global standard for accurate printing, commenting and viewing PDF files.

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Other options for inserting AutoText entries are via the AutoText toolbar (View > Toolbars > AutoText) or by clicking the Insert AutoText drop-down button on the Header and Footer toolbar.. For keyboard-shortcut aficionados, assign the AutoText entry a keystroke combination by clicking Tools > Customize > Keyboard, choosing AutoText in the Categories list in the left pane, selecting the AutoText entry in the right pane, and entering your preferred keystroke combination in the text box below the AutoText list.. Microsoft Word 2010 gives you more options when creating an AutoText entry, which it calls a Building Block. How To Download Zip Files On Mac

The image below is the same building block AutoText shown above Improvements for all Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 applications.. This adds the entry to the Normal dot template and makes it available to all documents.. Adobe reader for mac os sierra 10 12 6 Adobe Reader for mac – To download adobe reader for mac OS El Capitan & Sierra, follow an easy two-step process and install it on your MacBook.. You can insert AutoText by clicking Insert > AutoText > AutoText to open the AutoCorrect dialog box with the AutoText tab selected.. To add AutoText for a specific template, click Insert > AutoText > AutoText and select the template in the 'Look in' drop-down menu.

Give the entry a name or accept Word's default name, choose the Gallery to save the entry in, assign it a Category and a description if you wish, choose to save it in the Normal template or with other Building Blocks, and add it with its own paragraph and on its own page if desired.. All AutoText entries are listed; select one and click Insert You can also use the AutoComplete feature to enter AutoText by typing the first few letters and pressing Enter when the entry appears in a pop-up window (the AutoComplete option must be checked in the AutoText dialog, and you need to press F3 to activate this feature).. To create a Building Block in Word 2007 or 2010, simply select it and press Alt-F3 to open the Create New Building Block dialog.. Saving and re-entering such material is easier in Word 2007 and 2010 via the use of Building Blocks.. Using one of the many built-in custom building block galleries available in Word, you can eliminate the need to search through the building block organizer for your frequently used entries and you have a better preview of your entries. 518b7cbc7d